Beginner’s Guide To Camping: Essential Camp Gear, Tips, & More

One of the best escapes from a hectic lifestyle is to spend time in the great outdoors, especially  outside Walla Walla. For those new to the world of camping, there’s no better way to become comfortable with all the steps than to jump right in! The key to most successful trips and endeavors starts with some planning.

Camping lets you explore more of the world around you. Grab paper and pen or your device, time to plan for an adventure under the stars.

Planning for your Trip

The first decision to make is about your destination. For beginning campers, consider staying within a hundred miles of your home. This way you will be in an area that you are somewhat familiar with.

Many campsites accept reservations, which is another plus. You want to know that when you arrive that there will be a campsite available for you, especially during the busier times of the year. Before choosing a campsite, explore the amenities available or not available before selecting the location.

Each season offers different activities and beauty. However, colder weather requires different and often more gear.

Tips for Packing for Camping

One essential that needs to be packed is your tent. If you have never pitched a tent, you might want to try it at home. Be sure the tent will protect you from any weather conditions. Next, you’ll need a sleeping bag. The type of sleeping bag will also depend on the weather. If you do not think the hard ground is for you, consider adding an inflatable mattress to your items to pack. Pillows will make sleeping under the stars even better!

A few other necessities include all your toiletries. Don’t forget to add sunblock, flashlights with batteries, insect repellent, first aid supplies. Clothes, shoes, rain gear, undergarments, need to be packed. Think in layers for your garments. Add in any gear that you’ll need for planned activities.  

If you are planning on cooking your meals, create a detailed menu. Pack the ingredients needed for the meals, equipment for cooking, and paper goods and utensils to eat with. Remember the outdoor activities can increase everyone’s appetite, so include snacks!

Add a cooler to your packing list. Fill it with ice to keep the food cold. You may need a second cooler for beverages. Water is essential.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Camping will be such fun especially after you set up your campsite. Once you arrive at the site that you have reserved, pitch your tent on the most level section of the site. Unpack your car and move in! Now it’s time to have some fun.

Since you are camping, you want to take advantage of your location. Enjoy the outdoor activities that surround you. It’s a super time to try something new! Explore the area by hiking, trail running, or walking the trails. Some campgrounds have equipment that you can rent. Try canoeing, fishing, horseback riding.

At the end of the day, gather around the campfire!