8 Unforgettable Things to Do in Budapest


Budapest is the total package when searching for the ultimate city destinations in Europe. Beautiful architecture, fascinating history, bustling markets, relaxing spas, delicious food and entertaining bars. 

And the best part?

You can experience all the fun for an incredible price. Budapest is among the most affordable destinations in Europe. There is a good time for travelers of all budgets and you receive tremendous value compared to other famous cities. 

Here is a sneak peak of the top activities in Budapest for a trip you will never forget!

  1. Stroll Along the Chain Bridge

No trip to Budapest is complete without walking across this remarkable engineering feat. Anytime of day is the perfect time to marvel at this gorgeous man-made creation and Budapest’s other famous landmarks nestled along the River Danube. 

Capture a snapshot of the Parliament Building, Buda Castle or just gaze at the river while standing along the bridge. 

  1. Tour the Hungarian Parliament Building

Perhaps the most mesmerizing structure in Budapest, the Hungarian Parliament Building is a cultural icon of the city. The Gothic-style masterpiece easily stands out among the most recognizable images of the city. 

The building is surprisingly young for representing a country’s Parliament since it was completed in full just over 100 years ago. However, the architectural masterpiece makes up for it with its gargantuan size and ranks as the third largest in the world. 

You can get a closer look at the exquisite features of the building with a guided tour. The grand highlights inside include the House of Lords and the Hungarian Crown Jewels. 

Perfectly situated along the River Danube, the views of Parliament across the river best illustrate its majesty. 

  1. Relax at the Gellért Baths

Let your stress melt away when soaking inside the pools of this revitalizing spa. Locals love the spa life in Budapest and Gellért Baths is one of the most tranquil places to lounge around for a few hours. 

Built just over 100 years ago, the facility boasts an elegant display of artistic tiles and columns surrounding mineral-rich whirlpools. The water is set at just the right temperature and you can add other rejuvenating treatments. Sweat your stress away in the sauna or add a massage to work out the kinks. 

  1. Recreational Activities on Margaret Island

Between the connecting areas of Buda and Pest, Margaret Island is a scenic getaway for outdoor enthusiasts. The island sits in the middle of the Danube and hosts a diverse range of activities. 

Hire a bike, scooter or oddly shaped vehicle to ride around the island and take in the riverside views. Get some exercise on foot by going for a jog or brisk walk on the track that meanders around the island. The Musical Fountain and Rose Garden each have radiant flowers that provide delightful places to relax under the sun.

A pristine nature escape if you need an afternoon in the great outdoors!

  1. Have a Sensory Experience at the Invisible Exhibition

One of the most unique things to do in Budapest, the Invisible Exhibition gives visitors the chance to feel what life is like without eyesight. You walk into a sensory world where you can only rely on touch, smell and sound. 

Attempting to navigate through this darkened environment is truly an awakening moment. Those of us who still have our vision realize how lucky we are and how that should not be underappreciated. 

A guide will join you during the journey as you are introduced to common elements of the world without the luxury of sight. See the beauty of the world from a different perspective and build a greater sense of empathy for others.

Learn more about this wonderful opportunity and discover all the interactive programs available. 

  1. Grab a Meal at Central Market Hall

Foodies will not be disappointed in Budapest and Central Market Hall is the most famous food market in town. Three floors of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, salamis, spices and delicious Hungarian snacks will provide endless eating options. 

In addition, discover all the handmade crafts available that make a perfect keepsake to take home after your trip. 

The market has some of the best prices you will find anywhere in Budapest and you are sure to leave with a full belly every time. 

  1. Admire St. Stephen’s Basilica

Among the most historic religious buildings in Budapest, St. Stephen’s Basilica is in remembrance of the first King of Hungary. The beautiful building is one of the largest churches in the country fitting approximately 8,500 guests.

Once stepping inside, it becomes clear why the Roman Catholic church is one of the most peculiar you will ever see. The main attraction is the right hand of the king which is safely guarded. King Stephen is among the most revered figures in Hungary and his hand is considered a national treasure. 

Afterwards, climb the staircase and admire the magnificent views of Budapest from the top of the church. 

  1. Go Ruin Bar Hopping

The trendy bars set inside desolate, abandoned buildings have become the next big thing in Budapest. Each bar has its own distinct style and features dilapidated décor with no meaningful purpose. 

The drab interior is part of the appeal as the ruin bars have grown into a melting pot of locals and travelers just searching for a good time. Everyone feels a warm welcome and a delightful atmosphere fills the air. 

The ruin bars are dispersed around the old Jewish Quarter and a bar crawl through the neighborhood is an unbelievable experience.