7 must-do activities in your next trip to Kabini

Located amidst the Nagarhole forest is Kabini, which is home to the famous Kabini River, on the banks of which you can enjoy the maximum spotting of wildlife. The dense forests, breath-taking sunsets, irresistible backwaters and more is why people keep revisiting this place. It is quite common to find herds of elephants along the river banks, lazing and playfully mingling. But there are a lot many more things to do in Kabini. The following are some must-do activities on your next trip to Kabini.

  1. Take the Jungle safari

Declared as a tiger reserve, Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is part of the Rajiv Gandhi National Park. Abundantly populated by wildlife, you can often spot herds of elephants, spotted deer, Indian Gaur, wild boar, sambar deer, tigers and even black leopards on a safari through Kabini.  You can choose to do the safari on RVs, boats or elephants in the morning and 7:00 at night, the choices are many!

  1. Boat Safari at Kabini River

A boat safari on the Kabini River offers a completely different view of the lush green beauty of the jungle. At the outset, the safari ventures into the local village, giving you a peek into the rural lifestyle of the local folks. As the villages gradually fade away, you can see the thick green foliage of the jungle with the marsh crocodiles in their natural habitat, smooth-coated otters playing in the water and a myriad of water birds dipping in and out of the water. The boat safari takes around 3 hours.

Source: Jungle Lodges

  1. Ride the Elephant safari

Riding an elephant is a unique experience, and if you are riding the elephant through the jungle, then it’s a memory that will stay with you for a lifetime. If you can, this is an activity you should not miss. The thrill of spotting other animals and birds whilst riding this majestic creature is unforgettable. Though the elephants are tamed, there is a lot of precaution to be taken, but friendly and well-trained guides, ensure your safety and your chance at the best spottings.

  1. Visit Nagarhole National Park

One of the top things to do in Kabini is to visit Nagarhole National Park that falls under the Nilgiri biosphere reserve and is characterized by many streams, waterfalls, dense forest and even mountains. It prides on having the highest density of herbivores on the continent where you can sight various breeds of flora, fauna, and birds. Take a jungle safari or visit the lakes, there are a plethora of things to do at the national park.

  1. Picnic at the Kabini Dam

The Kabini Dam sits on top of the Kabini River and is a great picnic destination for locals and tourists alike. The water in the reservoir offers a panoramic view which is further enhanced by the surrounding jungles. You can sit at the dam site and see colorful birds flying in and out of the tree canopies and animals grazing on the edges of the forest.

Source: mysore.nic.in

  1. Kabini Backwater View Point

The Kabini Backwater viewpoint, located in Kittur offers an unparalleled view of the river, especially during the sunset and sunrise. You could also opt to camp here for the day to might spot animals coming to the banks on the opposite side of the river. This place is also an excellent starting point for treks and hikes into the jungle and an ideal place to capture stunning photographs of animals in their natural habitat.

  1. Stay at Wildlife Resorts

If you are visiting Kabini, it may be a great idea to stay the weekend or more in one of the resorts at Kabini. You may have stayed in one of the family resorts in Bangalore, but staying at a Kabini Wildlife resort is a whole new experience.  You can book a lodge bang in the heart of the forest or choose to stay by the banks of a river. There are several resorts to suit all budgets, but you could try staying at the picturesque, rustic yet comfortable, Discovery Village Resort here, which just blends in with the environment. Beautiful ambiance, fresh food, and friendly staff enhance the experience. Most of the resorts, have their own vehicles and will be happy to organize a trip to any local attraction or the jungle safari which is held twice a day.

Finally, visiting these lush dense forests only makes us realize how much we need to be responsible for our planet’s green cover and the flora and fauna they house.