5 Money Saving Tips in Bordeaux 

Bordeaux is a mesmerizing city in France. It is known as the global capital of wine. It is a city which is filled with vineyards, castles, and more. Therefore, ample things are available here for you to explore. However, it might become a costly trip unless you know some of the hacks that will aid in having a budget trip. 

From opting for free walking tours in Bordeaux to exploring vineyards and the rest of this city; you require knowing some handy tips. Thus, below given are 5 money-saving tips that one can apply when in Bordeaux. 

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5 money-saving tips in Bordeaux 

Though many hacks can be mentioned here, the 5 major ones are given below for you to follow. These are: 

  • Couchsurfing or staying in hostels 
  • Free walking tours 
  • Corner-deli for delicious food 
  • Buying Bordeaux City Pass 
  • Rue Sainte-Catherine for window shopping 

Have a look at the tips in detail!

1. Couchsurfing or staying in a hostel 

One of the best ways to save your hard-earned money is by staying in hostels or simply couch surf. Hostels are always an affordable option, especially for young people. In addition, people staying in a hostel often make trip plans and explore a city together; especially people who opt for a solo vacation. However, many prefer to couch surf instead of opting for hostels. 

When couch surfing you will be staying with a local resident/host who can offer valuable suggestions that will make your experience better. Moreover, many hosts offer city tours and go beyond to provide food recommendations, local recipes, etc. This way you can know about the people and culture in-depth. 

2. Free walking tours of this city 

There are many places where groups of people opt for free walking tours to explore this city. One can enjoy viewing the city’s stunning architecture to meeting new people that take on such walking tours. 

If guides are present, there might be some fees involved but there are free ones too. It will depend on a person’s ability and willingness to search. 

3. Corner deli – the best option for food 

Bordeaux is not a cheap place to spend time. An individual can expect to spend around $13-$15 or more for a meal at an inexpensive eatery. Hence, visiting an excellent restaurant might be a costly affair. 

If you want to save money and still eat delicious food, then a corner deli will serve you best. You can get a sandwich to Croque, pastry, and more. 

4. Buying Bordeaux city pass 

The city pass you need to get will depend on whether you are staying 24 hours in Bordeaux or more. The city pass for 24 hours is around $32 approximately per person. For people staying here for 48 or 72 hours, they can obtain respective passes for $42 and $49 per individual. 

Purchasing such a pass will help one enjoy places like museums, unlimited access to transportation, (buses, river shuttles, & trams) and more. 

5. Rue Sainte-Catherine for window shopping 

France is the ideal place when it comes to shopping and fashion. It is why Paris is called the fashion capital of the world. Rue Sainte-Catherine is a shopping street in Bordeaux. It follows the Roman market road’s original course and is the longest European walking street. 

You can opt for window shopping here and if you really like and want to get something, it’s never a bad idea to get a thing or two. However, you need to keep an eye on your budget when shopping is involved. 

Following these money-saving tips will help you explore the beauty of Bordeaux within a budget. So, book your tickets today and reach this city to experience everything Bordeaux has to offer!