5 Essential Tips for Scuba Dive Safely

If you are a scuba diver and you want to experience the best of diving, the Similan Liveaboard is for you. Liveaboard scuba vacations allow divers to enjoy their hobbies all day. This becomes one of the most popular ways for seasoned divers and beginners that spend their days in search of underwater life.

The ultimate guide to Liveaboard diving will give you all the information that you need as well as some essential tips on how to make your trip more relaxing and enjoyable. Get ready to learn everything you need to know about Liveaboard Diving Trip in Similan. Similan is one of the best destinations for divers.

  1. Ensure You Are Certified to Dive: Some dive operators require dive certification and specialty depending on the type of dive. Always gain your dive certification from a licensed dive operator before you travel or start diving on your trip. However, these are not a green light to you whenever and wherever you want. If you dive uncertified, you won’t be covered by travel insurance.
  1. Make Sure You Are Fit to Dive: If you have never been diving before, you should have a medical examination to ensure you are fit to dive. If you are fit and healthy then there is no problem. But you will be required to sign a medical statement before learning to scuba dive. Avoid diving when you are not feeling 100% to dive. Don’t dive if you have a head cold or hangover.
  1. Listen to Your Instructor: Once you are on the dive boat, it is important to listen to your instructor or dive guide, no matter how experienced you are. Planning your dive is the number one rule of dive preparation. You need to follow your instructors where you are going. The route you will follow you need to watch out for.
  1. Double Check Your Scuba Gear: En route to the Similan Diving Trip, you need to set up all your scuba gear. Take your time and double-check all your scuba equipment is working. If you are not sure about anything, don’t be feeling embarrassed- ask your guide or dive instructor.
  1. Have Scuba Diving and travel Insurance: To make sure you are covered both above and below water with insurance that scuba diving activities are included. Cover your scuba diving with “Phuket dive center”, so please read the policy to make sure what you are covered for. Make sure to check your travel insurance policy before the move to Similan Liveaboard as it covers all your scuba diving needs to ensure you have covered in the event of injury and illness. If you have any doubt, you need to ask your travel insurance provider before purchasing.

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