Valentine’s Day can be a rather stressful time for any man. The pressure is on to find the perfect gift for your loved one, but it can be difficult and tricky to know what she really wants. Buying clothes or lingerie for your partner this Valentine’s Day can be fraught with difficulties. What if you don’t get the size right? What if she doesn’t like the colours or fit? What if she always prefers to buy her own clothes, so she can try them on and check in the mirror first? Then there’s perfume. This is another tough call. What if she doesn’t like the particular aroma you’ve chosen, or already has perfume with a similar scent to the bottle you might buy? Jewellery is another favourite purchase around Valentine’s Day, but this too can be problematic. How do you know the ring will fit, or the necklace you’re considering will match anything in her wardrobe? What if you buy big looped earrings when she only prefers and wears stud-style earrings? With all of these factors to consider, there is perhaps one way to avoid the stress and buy a gift that is luxurious and special enough to win her heart this Valentine’s Day. The clear answer lies in designer sunglasses.


For one thing, a pair of sunglasses is easy to purchase – you can do it online with a few clicks of your fingers. You can also easily determine what style of sunglasses your loved one prefers. Just check to see which style of sunglasses she wears on a daily basis. Does she prefer over-sized and bold sunglasses, or does she look ever-so-stylish in Ray-Ban Sunglasses? Maybe she likes to channel her inner hippy spirit and wear John Lennon-style round glasses? Whatever her preferred style, there are plenty of luxury options available this Valentine’s Day. The great news is you can find an affordable option, or if you’re out to really impress her there are plenty of high-end, luxury options available as well. Below are some of the best types of designer sunglasses that are sure to win the heart of any woman.


If you’re really out to steal her heart and cost doesn’t enter the equation, then you simply must give her the gift of these Gucci GG3513/S QJ9/LI sunglasses. Every girl loves Gucci sunglasses, and this high-end model from the classic Italian brand features elegant and timeless design that will turn heads in any crowd. Of course, the Gucci GG3513/S QJ9/LI sunglasses offer UV protection and top-quality acetate frames. But the true value in this stunningly elegant pair of sunglasses is the winter leaf brown colour and full rim plastic with leather frame. When paired with the brown gradient polycarbonate lens, this pair of Gucci sunglasses will let your Valentine really know how much you care.


Just like Gucci, the name Prada is one that your Valentine will hold dear to her heart. And the Prada ORNATE PR29QS sunglasses are among the most elegant and sophisticated this legendary Italian design house has to offer. Designed to stand out from the crowd, these Prada sunglasses feature a plastic, round shaped, full-rim, black frame with silver studs that match its grey gradient polycarbonate lens. The silver studded frame provides a chic though classic look and will guarantee you’re in the good books this Valentine’s Day.


Perhaps the grandest of all Italian fashion houses is the one and only Versace, and there can be no doubt that this model of sunglasses will result in some serious Valentine’s Day gratitude from your loved one. There is a lot of exciting Versace sunglasses designs that will never fail to impress anyone. The Versace VE4256B GB1/11 features the iconic gold insignia on the side of the frames, connected to a deep black acetate frame on a full rim. The lens colour with its grey gradient is the right mix of mystique and cool charm and the polycarbonate material ensures this classic fashion statement is strong and sturdy as well.

This Valentine’s Day don’t fail to show your loved-one how special she is by finding the best gifts that can flatter her and make her smile. Celebrate the occasion and make her feel loved by choosing the most luxurious designer sunglasses that are specially made for that special woman in your life!