Toulouse Travel is always memorable and it is the place that is forever in a party and full of tourists. Do you want to know about the charm of the city of Toulouse?

Toulouse is the fourth largest city in France, ranked at the top of the highest quality of life. Known as the Pink City (La Ville Rose). Toulouse Travel is best as there are hundreds of things that attract visitors like
The stone, used as a building material for several buildings. 

Located in the Pyrenees, the mountain range that separates France from our Iberian identity.

Toulouse is also famous for its charming pink and pastel blue and violet flower

Besides it, the Toulouse is the land of busy streets, violets on the Garonne River, fresh flowers around the corners, Isatis soaps, evening tapas, wine, cheese menu, beer, and foie gras.

Toulouse Travel is best as it is a place worth visiting, contemplated and enjoyed by tourism lovers. 


Begin the tour of Capitol Square, the central point of the city. The closer you get to the square, the better. In Toulouse, you can do everything on foot. Because it is all close. Let’s take an eye on the most important views and places for Toulouse Travel or visitors.


If you are interested in museums, Literature and History. Then you find all your worthy places here. As Toulouse is a multicultural city with many museums and monuments blending the best of architecture with a modern twist. It is because of the result of its last centuries, when Romans, Visigoths, and even the Arabs passed by. 


Built in 1230, this beautiful monument was home to the Order of the Preachers. The convent is all built-in red brick, a hallmark of the city of Toulouse.


 Considered the Toulouse Museum of Fine Arts, space is located in the heart of the city and, since 1793, houses collections of painting and sculpture from the early Middle Ages until the 1940s. , with a unique collection of Romanesque pieces and many Gothic masterpieces. Highlight for the sculptures of St. Francis of Assisi and the paintings of religious themes.Here you enjoy Roman sculptures with modern decoration.


A little further from the center of Toulouse, the Natural History Museum is geared towards children, with many interactive activities for the little ones, with a series of explanations about the solar system and the formation of the universe, rock types, etc. There are still a number of stuffed animals. 


Toulouse is surrounded by beautiful cathedrals and churches.As the city was the cradle of the Romans That’s why the place has beautiful religious buildings. It is strategically located near the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees, with rivers and navigable canals.


The churches are Located in the historical center of the city. The church is on rue du Taur, between the Capitol and St. Sernin’s Basilica. And believed that the church had been built at the exact spot where St. Saturninus, the city’s patron saint, would have broken free of the bull.


It was built in the late 15th century and combines the Romanesque, Gothic and Italian Renaissance styles. 


The Basilica was built in the 17th century. And as “Deaurata” means covered in gold that’s why Its name also attracts the visitors. It is located in the historic city center on the banks of the River Garonne.


The Church is located in the historical center of the city Toulouse. And Considered the main catholic space of the Romans, the Cathedral dates from the early 1000 – 11th century. 


Toulouse also has beautiful gardens and places to delight tourists, such as the Royal Garden and the Grand Rond and Jardin des Plantes. These are full of artwork that is scattered all over the garden. They are next to each other, ideal for a beautiful day trip or outing place.

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In short, the City of Art and History, Toulouse is the perfect place for visit and In Toulouse, revelers and tour fans really have something to celebrate with the many restaurants, theaters, historical places, churches,monuments, and gardens. In addition, as night falls, the buildings, monuments, and mansions of the old town are adorned with beautiful lights. An excellent enhancement “at night” of the beauty of Toulouse’s heritage.

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