The Importance of Zero Euro Bank Notes for Collectors 


There is a lot of excitement around Zero Euro bank notes. They are a perfect way to display the tourist places as well as summarize a tour for tourists and collectors. 

The Zero-Euro banknote concept is an excellent medium of marketing and enhancing the tourism business with such high-quality customized souvenirs. These banknotes are liked by people of all age groups. The impression of the Euro souvenirs on its consumers is spectacular. 

The Zero Euro banknotes are one of the top reference products for all tourist places. It is also one of the most purchased mementoes in nations where it is available.                     

The euro souvenir banknotes are a big success among collectors all over the world. These can be directly bought from the souvenir shops and can also be ordered from online shops. One such online shop is They offer personalized bank notes for tourism businesses as well as individual collectors.

The concept of Zero Euro banknotes was first developed in France in the year 2015 by a person named Richard Faille. They have now spread across rest of Europe. It has become very popular among tourists, collectors and business houses looking for authentic souvenirs.

As the name suggests, the zero Euro banknotes are bank notes with zero value with a personalized theme of popular landmarks and tourist places. Even though these banknotes are not official euros, they replicate most of the features of the Euro bank notes and are produced in secure printing facilities.

The materials used, their shape and size and unique serial number of each note is similar to that of a real Euro bill. The Zero Euro banknotes also have security features such as water marks, holograms and ink which is visible only under the UV light gives a better reasoning for collectors of these Zero Euro banknotes.  

The following are characteristic features of a Zero Euro banknote which the collectors can look for –         

  • The Zero Euro banknotes are printed on 100% cotton paper similar to real euro bank notes. 
  • They measure 135x 74 mm which is again similar to the official euro banknotes.
  • All the Zero Euro bank notes have the same reverse side which shows well known European monuments. 
  • The front side features different monuments, places, persons or events in each series.
  • It has a security thread.
  • The year of emission is there.
  •  They have watermarks.
  • They have holograms.
  • The ink is only visible under the UV lights.
  • Each note has a customer code
  • The Zero Euro bank notes have country code
  • They have a ‘Oberthur’ code
  • The serial number is unique to each note.

There are a variety of Zero Euro bank notes available and many more will be seen in the coming days. In fact, with the choice of personalized Zero Euro banknotes, the possibilities are endless. You can shop for your very own Euro souvenir right from your home by ordering online and opting for your own assembly of pictures and themes.