Smart Solutions to Visit Goa This Season

If you’ve never been to Goa before, you may be surprised to learn that such a small area can house such a diverse range of tourist attractions and activities. Visitors from all over the world have come to take advantage of the state of Goa, despite its comparatively small size, due to the abundance of attractions it has to offer. There are more than 50 beaches to choose from, and each one is unique and gorgeous in its own way. The beaches of Goa aren’t the only things to see and do in the state, though. The region’s long and turbulent past has left it with a wealth of architectural treasures to match its stunning natural beauty. Historically significant forts and places of worship representing many different faiths may be found here. A variety of activities, including water-based ones, are at your disposal. It’s imperative that you visit these five places throughout your time in Goa if you want to get your money’s worth. Here are the Best Places to visit in Goa.


Goa’s main city, Panaji, is on the banks of the Mandovi River, making for picture-perfect scenery and beautiful panoramas. The tranquilly and historical significance of the place have captivated the air. Portuguese culture and influence may still be found. First medical school in India established: Goa Medical College in Panaji was built by Portuguese. Even in Asia, it is regarded as one of the oldest medical institutes. Listed below are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Panaji:

Admiral Vasco Da Gama

Founded by the Portuguese in 1543, Vasco da Gama is now a major industrial centre in the state of Goa. Vasco da Gama, a well-known Portuguese explorer, was the inspiration for the name of Goa’s largest city. Goa’s culture and way of life can only be fully appreciated by visiting this city. Here are a few well-known vacation spots.


Calangute, in Goa’s northernmost region, is a wonderful place to come if you’re in need of some rest and relaxation on the physical and mental levels. In the past, Calangute beach was a popular destination for hippies, and today you may enjoy the area’s spectacular natural splendour. Those who admire nature frequently refer to the region as “heaven on earth” due to its beauty. These are the destinations you really must see while on your vacation.


Margao, Goa’s second-largest city and its oldest, is the state’s oldest city. It’s also Goa’s financial and commercial centre. Prior to the Portuguese conquest, the locals named this location Madgaon. One of the most prominent religious centres in Goa is located in this part of the state. The following is a rundown of some of Margao’s most well-known tourist attractions.

Calangute’s sands and surf

Calangute, one of North Goa’s most popular beaches, is a site where you may relax during the day and have a blast in the nights. The longest beach in North Goa, Tito’s Bar and Cape Town Cafe, among others, can be found on this stretch of the coast.

Butterflies at the Beach

One of Goa’s best-kept secrets, Butterfly Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the state. This location has an abundance of beautiful butterflies, giving the sensation that one is in Eden. To the north of Palolem Beach, it has a shape like a half round. As well as providing fantastic dolphin-watching opportunities, this area is also noted for its stunning sunsets.