Simple Amenities that make Your Stay in a Luxury Hotel Worthwhile

If you’ll be staying in a luxury hotel for the next few days, chances are you are excited about the experience ahead. Whether it’s your first time or you frequent luxury hotels, there’s no denying that the thought of staying in a luxury hotel comes with untold excitement and expectation. From the excellent services and the friendly staff, luxury hotels offer a variety of amenities which can make you want to prolong your stay. Here are some simple amenities to look forward to from a luxury hotel.

Check-in on the Go

Currently, many luxury hotels offer to pick up and airport transfers. However, in a bid to enhance service delivery and guarantee convenience, the check-in process starts immediately the customers are picked from the airport. This comes in handy especially for hotels located far from the airport.

If you’ll be arriving late at your destination, this process goes a long way to relieve the guests from having to wait at the reception area once they arrive at the hotel. If you’re visiting thebest luxury hotel in Bali, you’ll go through the check-in process on the go before you arrive at the hotel. This way, you’ll proceed to your hotel room immediately on your arrival with minimal hassles.

Breakfast at Your Preferred Location Anytime

While some hotels still have restrictions regarding when guests can finish their breakfast, others have gone the extra mile to scrap away any restrictions regarding meals. You can enjoy such privileges in some of the best luxury hotels in Bali. You don’t have to struggle in the morning for fear of getting late for breakfast.

You even ask for room service at any time of the day for no additional cost. Next time you’re visiting a luxury hotel in Bali; don’t be surprised if you hardly see any guests at the breakfast table. They probably will be enjoying their morning nap and sure that breakfast will be there when they are ready.

Luggage Forwarding Service

Some of the luxury hotels in Bali provide luggage forwarding services to their incoming and outgoing guests depending on their preferences. Guests will also get unpacking and packing services which will not only be a time-saving activity, but guests will have peace of mind knowing that their belongings are secure. It’s worth noting that these services involve a freight company and this means that guests have to pay a small fee.

Luxury Beddings

While people stay in hotels for different reasons, one of the main ones is for relaxation. Hotels know this well, which is why they do everything they can to ensure that their guests enjoy their stay at the hotel. Apart from a beautiful quiet room with amazing views, many hotels have invested in unique bedding: that is pillows and linen. You’ll get fluffy and comfortable pillows in different sizes, a comfortable mattress, soft duvet, and high thread bedsheets which are soft to the skin and make you look forward to spending your night in the hotel.

Great Quality Bath Utilities

If you have had the opportunity to stay in both a luxury and average hotel, you know that the bath amenities offered at the former are quite different from what you get from the latter. Luxury hotels provide guests with a vast range of products to choose from and you have the opportunity to ask for your favorite products. The best luxury hotels in Bali will not only give you enough fluffy towels, but they will also ensure that your bathroom is fully stocked with every product that you need to leave your skin feeling fresh.


If you’re feeling exhausted and drained, checking in a luxury hotel can be all you need to feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Whether you’re traveling for the pleasure of for business, you deserve every good service that can make your stay worthwhile. You may want to discuss your needs with your hotel of choice just before you pick your preferred destination.