Oahu Road Trip: Places to Discover

Oahu, the enchanting jewel of the Hawaiian archipelago, stands as the most populous island with its vibrant capital, Honolulu. Despite its relatively compact size, Oahu boasts an abundance of famous landmarks and cultural centers, ensuring that visitors can experience the island’s essence in its entirety. Catering to the needs of tourists, Oahu offers a well-developed infrastructure, providing endless opportunities for leisure and enjoyment. Whether you seek thrilling adventures or serene relaxation, Oahu has something to offer for everyone. Below, we will suggest the five locations to attend hitting the Hawaiian roads or if you plan to book the best Oahu tours.

Honolulu’s Iolani Palace

This unique royal palace situated within the USA was formerly a residence for local rulers and also served as the seat of government. At the end of the 19th century, construction began for its architectural complex, with a two-story Iolani Palace at its core, topped off by a four-story tower. In 1978, it became a museum along with an adjacent park area of 4 hectares. Recently, it received a full restoration with the local government. Guests will be able to find inside the palace a library, jewelry, household items and even Queen Liliuokalani’s old bedroom.

There are many tourists visiting it every day, so if you would like to attend it, you can rent a car or call a taxi and go to 364 S King St, Honolulu. The Hawaii State Capitol is near Iolani Palace. Take a stroll down city streets to the Honolulu Museum of Art or St. Andrew Cathedral, and learn about local history and culture.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor, a naval base in Oahu’s south, is infamous among many for its historical significance and has been the focus of attention in many books and films. This unique landmark serves as a reminder of the tragic events of 1941. In memory of the sailors and civilians who lost their lives during the attack by Japanese troops, a memorial stands tall. It is well worth visiting this old navy base to witness first-hand its various attractions such as museums, battleships, and submarines. The road from Honolulu airport to Pearl Harbor is about 3 miles, you can take either the bus or if you fulfill the rental car requirements in Hawaii, rent a car with an extra fee since you are aged 18 or more.

Waikiki’s Mount Tantalus

Mount Tantalus is a two thousand foot mountain that can be climbed by anyone who enjoys hiking and nature. The peak is two thousand feet high, but you do not need any special skills or equipment to climb it. To get there, arrive in Waikiki. Take a drive to the mountain from McCully Street. Your car will be parked at the entrance in the rest zone.

The hike will take about 40 minutes. You will meet different people along the way. In addition, you will have an incredible view of the capital. As per the official timing, Tantalus Lookout closes before 8 p.m. in summer and at 7 p.m. in winter. Although it is impossible to spend the night there in a tent, you can see the sunset from there. The zone is under protection, and security is on hand to help people if they become lost.

Tourist zone in Waikiki

Oahu is a paradise for those who enjoy participating in active pastimes such as surfing and water-skiing. Waikiki beach, renowned around the world, stretches for 15 miles near Honolulu. Those with an adventurous spirit can begin their journey at the entry to the Ala Wai channel and end at the Diamond Head top. The six different beaches that make up Waikiki all flow into each other and the westernmost of these is called Kahanamoku, in honor of a famous local surfer. Kahanamoku beach is ideal for both catching waves and soaking up the sun, with its gentle descent into the water and wide coastline.

Center for Polynesian Culture

To absorb indigenous charm and discover much about the local culture, visit The Polynesian Cultural Center. This family-run attraction and museum based in Lai, on the north coast of Oahu can be effortlessly reached using car rental services. At this complex you’ll find six Polynesian villages with restaurants that offer authentic cuisine as well as regular performances. Attend the yearly competition where participants showcase their fire knife skills or take a canoe out on the lagoon for an unforgettable time of relaxation. Why not book a guide to learn more about these incredible places?

With our itinerary, you can add your destinations to the list. Have the greatest journey to Hawaii!