Hiking Trips You Should Take in 2019

One thing many hikers have in common is the love of finding new paths to explore. The array of options for hiking trips around the world can make it hard to decide what your next destination should be. Here are a few ideas on where you might want to go when the urge to explore overtakes you once again.

Ideas for Hiking Trips

1. The Coasts and Mountains of Maine

Maine’s beaches are famous worldwide for their granite coastlines and lighthouses. The surrounding islands are full of white churches to discover and artists to encounter along walking trails. You should make sure to stop by one of the taverns to mix with the locals and enjoy something to drink.

The mountains in Maine are equally as glorious as the beaches. Head west and explore the Appalachian peaks and walk along the Dead River.

2. The French Countryside

France provides you with quite a few opportunities for trail exploration. Try exploring south-central France and hiking along the Dordogne river. Look for wild mushrooms and truffles, the ingredients found in many of France’s most luxurious cuisine. You should also take the opportunity to enjoy the local wine and cheese.

There is also Verdon Gorge, where you can enjoy the scenery of Provence. The landscape is covered in eucalyptus trees, pine forests, and lavender fields. There are also many Roman roads that wind through the countryside that you can walk.

3. The Swiss Alps

You will understand the enduring popularity of these gorgeous mountains once you see them for yourself. Travel from one inn to another and get to know the people and their culture. Make sure to visit famous peaks like Mont Blanc and Grand Combin.

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