CapSkinz – Slip a CapSkinz over your baseball cap to protect and transform it

Being one of the most widely used headwear, caps serve two main purposes: protection, and ornament. A statistical approach would reveal the huge number of caps sold each year around the globe but the major factor behind this gigantic figure, the average life of a cap, is never thought about. 

People often find themselves surrounded by the dilemma when it comes to protection of caps and hats. How to clean my cap without ruining it? How do I store my caps? Which stain remover is suitable for my caps? These are the highly searched questions on google when it comes to cap or hat protection. Caps are prone to impairment due to dust, stains, water and the UV rays which results in shorter life span. It is time to start protecting your caps and baseball hats from the environmental damage. CapSkinz is the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Keeping the comfort constant and adding the exquisite look, CapSkinz is tailored and designed to cover your baseball hats meticulously. CapSkinz preserves your cap’s shape and features while adding a cool look to it. It’s time for you to hit the streets undisturbed by rain or dust. Walk worry-free and wear worry-free. 

Saving you from the scorching heat of sun and the UV rays, caps can lose their color due to the contact with UV rays. CapSkinz uses high-quality fabric which goes through numerous stages to ensure that the UV rays don’t spoil your cap. The fabric used to make CapSkinz goes through a sealing process to enable water resistance which equip the CapSkinz with ability to avoid penetration by water. Spilled some water on your cap? No worries. Didn’t see and placed your hat on a wet surface? Be at ease. Drop the hesitation and wear your cap even if it is raining because CapSkinz has got you covered.

Stop fretting about stains and dust because CapSkinz keeps your prized hats completely safe. The specially blended fabric allows CapSkinz to stretch, allowing it to cover different sized hats easily. 

It wouldn’t be fair to consider the options you can avail. The CapSkinz is highly customizable. You can get a custom logo, graphic or any design printed on your CapSkinz and a plethora of options when it comes to color. The complimentary storage bag allows you to carry your CapSkinz with you, anywhere you want. Save your money and get much cooler look by having a CapSkinz. At the top of all, don’t forget the good your CapSkinz is doing. It is extending the life of your cap so you won’t need to purchase a new cap much frequently. There’s no other product offering this level of utility so make sure you’ve got your hats and caps covered because CapSkinz is made to protect.