Admire the beauty of Soca river kayaking

Are you looking for a perfect kayaking adventure? Soca kayaking is one of the most amazing kayaking destinations in Europe.

Why not switch off for a few hours and go Socariver kayaking to clear your mind and just enjoy being in touch with beautiful unspoilt nature. Until you try Soca kayaking, you will not believe how different the world looks from an almost fish eye perspective. Soca river kayaking is one of our most popular tours. An expert guide that will take care of your safety and teach you about the secrets the Soča river hides accompanies you.

Kayaking is an activity where you can hear your thoughts

Soca river kayaking is an adventure where you free your mind and your spirit. It is such a quiet activity, where you only hear paddle strokes and occasional rapids. Kayaking is an activity that allows you to get closer to nature, interact with nature and experience the beauty of the area you are kayaking along. You can enjoy tranquillity as you will paddle past the amazing nature at your own pace. We highly recommend kayaking along the Sočariver if you are looking for an adventure to a remote, unspoilt area, where you can enjoy natural wonders.

Are you in a mood for a kayaking adventure?

Soca river kayaking is a versatile activity. It is one of those activities that involve extreme adventure and rapids, but at the same time help you to explore hidden corners of the emerald beauty. If you are a beginner, we will take you to water that is calm, but experienced kayakers who seek a thrill of adrenaline, can enjoy fast rapids. Soca river kayaking really is an activity where everyone can find something for themselves. Everyone can enjoy a different experience and different type of enjoyment.

Join us for an exciting Soca river kayaking adventure.